baby_gift.jpgbaby_gift.jpgWhen buying baby’s favourite toy it is difficult to find out which toy will be well-received. You may buy an expensive new creativity toy but your baby may think otherwise. With so much choice and new inventions bursting onto the baby market each day, it can be very hard to make up your mind. Here we have produced a list of known most wanted baby toys to help you with the best choice.

1. Baby comfort blankets are well-loved toys from when baby is still young. They can be taken anywhere without hassle and they can be washed easily. Luckily, they are now available in organic cotton or natural wool.

2. Play balls are both educational and supporting activity. It is fun to watch baby chase after the rolling ball, trying to get hold of it! The shape of the ball is inspirational because baby will try to grasp it, thus aiding his dexterity. Baby balls are great to keep in and around the house at all times.

3. Baby instruments are fantastic for the future musician! Babies love to be loud and will welcome anything that will help them make noise. It is a great way to find out different ways of making noise. Just like the ball, instruments like a xylophone or a drum are a good investment because they will be used for a very long time. As baby grows up, they discover even more possibilities of how to make music.

4. Stacking rings are a must-have in baby’s toy box. When baby is older, wooden stacking rings are a perfect way to keep them entertained for longer. It is challenging to find out how they fit around the pole, especially when they discover the different size of each ring. This toy is highly educational because it is strategic and baby learns more about three-dimensionality.

5. You can’t go wrong with baby jigsaws! They are endurable and entertaining for a long time. While it can be hard for baby to crack its complexity, it is good fun to talk about the images and make up little stories. Wooden jigsaws are the most popular choice because they last longer and can be passed on easily.

If you still struggle with the variety of baby toys on the market you can go to a library and find out more about toy library schemes. They allow you to borrow toys, just like books. If you discover baby’s favourites among the selection you can then buy it, knowing that you have made the right choice.

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