Mother singing to her babyWhether we play classical music to the growing bump, or find, to our amazement, that we are singing long-forgotten lullabies and nursery rhymes to our newborn babies, music and babies go together and have done since time began.

‘Babies and young children learn effectively through music. It helps to develop listening skills, concentration, and coordination. Most importantly, it can stimulate them and calm them down. Even tiny babies will let you know which songs they like and which they don’t!’

Thula Mama means ‘hush, be quiet, don’t cry’ and is a South African lullaby sung to children for generations. The songs & lullabies in the Thula Mama sessions tell stories of the past, present & future. The mothers learn simple songs in harmony and are taken into a world of soulful bonding as the babies listen to their favourite sound, their mother’s voice.

Thula Mama – the beginning…

Helen Yeomans, the creative force behind Thula Mama, is continuously sourcing new songs, writing her own and creating the wonderful harmonies for which she has become well-known.

Helen had always sung to her babies and after discovering that she had a gift for creating melodies that harmonise, she wrote songs for herself and for her children. After the birth of her third child she started a singing group for mothers & babies so she could share the joy she experienced when singing to and with her children. The group has become extremely popular as parents discover the many benefits for themselves and their babies.

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