5 Best Baby Gift Sets

February 11, 2008

babysimmediateenvironment.jpgBaby gift sets are unique and a great help for parents of new babies. With baby showers becoming more and more popular, friends and family are trying to be even more creative with their own contribution. To help you being remembered for your fantastic gift for parent’s new bundle of joy, we have produced this list of personal and original baby gift sets.

1. A baby sleeping set consisting of a crib sheet, a sleeping bag and a night time teddy bear. The sleeping bag can be bought in either newborn size or bigger because this combination of baby sleep gifts will always be a useful and lovely new idea. The best option is to choose organic cotton only to make sure that baby gets the best quality products.

2. Sets of clothes are always very well received. Try a combination of organic baby mittens, a baby bonnet, a bodysuit, a pair of warm socks and a wrap over vest. To give your set a special touch you could embroider them with baby’s initials or get a personal message or picture printed on them.

3. A set of natural baby care products is also a great gift: baby bath oil, massage oil and nappy salve is a fantastic combination for baby’s first basic toiletry equipment. You could also add some natural baby wipes as you can be sure that mum will need plenty of those!

4. A set of wooden letters is a very personal gift for baby. Baby’s name or nick name is a lovely idea to share parent’s joy over their new baby.

5. An all-in-one emergency baby bag for the car or for going out. You can put anything useful in this bag: some disposable nappies (please make sure they are recyclable), natural nappy salve, natural baby wipes, a changing mat, re-usable nappy bags, a muslin square, some tissues, a little baby comfort blanket and a baby travel toy. Every parent will appreciate this great idea and it will make their life easier.

If you wish to buy a set of clothes, please remember to buy a set in a different size other than the newborn size. Parents will thank you for being thoughtful with buying bigger clothes so they don’t have to go shopping again so soon. Also remember to buy with the future season in mind: you don’t want to buy a sleeveless dress for the winter season.

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