By now, baby may already be sleeping through the night. Lucky you! Nevertheless, the majority of parents still get up at night – at least once or twice. Baby wakes up every hour or so and has to learn to fall asleep again. Parents may not hear baby waking up every time but if they do, they should help baby become calmer again. Don’t ignore baby’s crying as this can convey the wrong message about our world: baby will learn that he is alone. During the day you could try a different, yet effective way of calming baby by talking or singing quietly after he wakes up and is unsettled. If it works and he is happy to play a little or to look around, you can try this method at night. After some time, your voice may be all baby needs to settle back to sleep again.

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Your baby’s physical development:

If your baby is used to playing on his tummy, he will already be able to lift his head up 90 degrees. He can laugh out loud and show real pleasure by kicking his arms and legs in excitement. He can follow an object with his eyes and even pay attention to very small objects such as a raisin (Please keep small objects out of reach of baby). While on his tummy, he can lift his chest supported by his forearms so he can have a good look around. His muscles are probably strong enough to hold his head steady when he is held upright. He can grasp items (i.e. a rattle) and reach for objects.

He may already be able to roll over one way. What a great achievement to be able to see the world from a completely new angle! He shows an active interest in human voices by turning his head when being spoken to or even when mummy calls him by his name.

Your baby’s emotional development:

Imitating facial expressions and movements is still important for baby, just as smiling and showing a response with his whole body as this is his way to communicate. At around 4 months, baby is becoming more interested in children’s voices and will watch them play, either in the room or on TV. He laughs when being tickled and played with, and shows real excitement when being interacted into play and conversation. Playing is increasingly becoming an active part of his day so try to encourage and stimulate his newly found passion as much as possible.

There are a lot of games and activities that he will enjoy now. Take a look at our activity list for some inspiration here.


Yoga is well known for its relaxation and body strengthening benefits for adults and children. Baby yoga is equally stimulating and offers tremendous health benefits for both caretaker and baby.

Experience has shown that babies love this practice as it allows them to spend time with their care taker in a setting that both can enjoy. It is a fantastic way to support the active bonding process while baby and parent relax or practice together.

Baby’s health improves as it helps to strengthen the muscles and develop physical balance, thus enhancing baby’s motor and neuromuscular development. Gentle yoga techniques massages internal organs which in turn helps relieve any tension. As a result, it improves baby’s digestion and eases the symptoms of colic and constipation. In addition, physical stretching allows baby to breathe more easily and deeply and thus supports the development of baby’s immune system. Some also say that yoga in particular helps to improve baby’s sleep.

baby_yoga.jpgThe care taker benefits greatly too: the deep relaxation process during the yoga session helps new parents to cope with the stresses of early parenthood and to build their confidence in handling their infant. It is important to reduce stress and anxiety about the new arrival in order to promote and maintain a healthy bond between parent and baby. What is more, it is a fantastic way to learn methods of calming the baby.

Baby yoga classes are based on relaxing music and movements and take place in a very friendly setting. Participants are usually very open-minded so it is very likely to find new friends easily.

Baby yoga is extremely enjoyable and relaxing as parent and baby learn so much about themselves and each other. It is a helping hand for a healthy start in life!

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