Your baby’s development at around 5 months

May 28, 2008

Whilst baby required around the clock care and attention during those first few months, he is now discovering fun and play time! If babies are already extremely active, their parents may get the impression that their offspring needs constant entertainment. Though this may be true for some babies, it is not difficult to offer a variety of toys and stimuli: your baby will love to sit in between mountains of washed clothes and watch you sort them and put them together. While cooking or ironing, you can tell your baby everything you do and why you do this. Your baby loves to hear from you even though he does not understand the words yet. Communication is an important aspect of baby’s relationship to you as he can already pick up your mood and intentions. It is also a vital factor in showing baby respect and appreciation. If baby indicates that the best place is near you, try a sling or carrier when going out, whilst doing some of your housework or simply to help him to calm down.

Naturally Baby\'s Best

Your baby’s physical development:

Your baby can hold his head steady when he is held in an upright position and raise his chest right up when he is on his stomach and supported by his arms. He will study very small items (though you should keep them out of baby’s reach) and grasp an item such as a rattle. When he is pulled to sit he can keep his head level with his body. He can roll over one way and already try to bear some weight on his legs. He may possibly be able to sit without support and some babies can even pull themselves up into a standing position when sitting. He may also move towards a toy that is out of reach. The development of his fine motor skills may allow him to pass an object from one hand to another and pick up tiny objects with his fist.

Your baby’s emotional development:

Baby will turn his head in the direction of a voice and smile spontaneously and in response to your smile. When trying to take a toy of his hands he may object and show disapproval by shouting and pulling his fists and body together in anger. This is a sign of becoming increasingly assertive as he develops his own will. You should respect his newly found independence and he will show real pleasure when he achieves something of his own doing. Baby can also be distracted more easily now as he likes to play during meals. In addition, he will be able to differentiate between members of his close family and strangers. If he suddenly starts to be scared of strangers, respect this and try not to force him to be held by those he does not know as well. He should be given time to feel comfortable around strangers.

There are a lot of games and activities that he will enjoy now. Take a look at our activity list for some inspiration here.


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