Baby’s development at around 3 months

May 20, 2008

You must feel exhausted after three months of sleepless nights! Your baby is still getting used to this world, so be patient and rest as much as you can during the day. Take naps whenever your baby allows it.
Your little one is getting more agile and can already turn around and cause some mischief. Don’t leave her alone on the changing table now – many new parents find themselves in A&E after their baby has fallen off the bed or the table. Remember that it can happen very quickly!
At around 3 months, baby can already lift her head and chest, supported by her forearms, for some time, shake a rattle and take things in her mouth. She may study toys in her hands and the little baby in the mirror. Baby is certainly too young to recognise her own image – self recognition starts at around 18 months. By now, parents may be able to hear baby laugh out loud while expressing real pleasure. When baby is pulled into the sitting position, she has only little head lag and can hold her back straight when held. Baby can kick a lot with her legs and wave her arms.
She can also move her head to follow an object with her eyes and watch her hands and fingers. They are certainly fascinating! Baby still prefers moving objects to still ones and will always turn her head towards the sound of a human voice. Some babies respond already to their name being called and can recognise their parent’s face in a photograph.
Baby shows emotions such as distress when she hears a loud unexpected noise, and enjoyment at positive experiences such as bathtime. She can smile at familiar people as well as strangers.
There are a lot of games and activities that she will enjoy now. Take a look at our baby activity list for some inspiration here:–baby-activity-0-to-3-months/60/
baby playing with ball

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