What about Baby’s Health?

March 25, 2008

crying_boy.jpgMy two babies have been very poorly. They endured all the symptoms of a real cold, including shaking and fever. It was a living nightmare – as it is for every parent of young children or babies! I found myself rushing around the house to find some medicine – any medicine to make them feel better. In fact, one night my daughter’s fever seemed so bad that my husband got the sachet of Calpol out (the last we had in the house). His panic of that moment made him think that she needed something instantly! I forbid him to give it to her. The alternative paracetamol that she can take was in the kitchen so I made him walk downstairs to get the right medicine. We had a big argument about what to give to her as I would not give in. I explained to him that Calpol is full of food dye and E-numbers which are absolutely unnecessary. We once spilled some of it on our new beige carpet which is now stained forever as the dye is simply too strong! My point is that the added chemicals in this drug cannot be good for our daughter’s young and immature system – at least not in the long run.

I think our biggest problem that night was to find out what we believe to be best for our daughter: is it a fast solution to help relieve her pain and discomfort as quickly as possible or are we prepared to let her suffer that little bit longer just so that she will be healthier in the long run? What a dilemma! Every health-conscious parent has experienced the same dilemma – I’m sure of that.

We are faced with a conscientious decision as we try to give our babies the best start in life, yet reality can be in the way of every well-meaning parent. As babies and kids are most vulnerable when they are poorly, they fully rely upon their parent to help them feel better. If we decide to use herbal remedies, we know that it may take that little bit longer until the effects can be felt and seen. It can be difficult to explain to little ones why they are still poorly. With time and experience parents as well as their children learn how remedies work in the individual and how the weakened body tends to recover.

My two little ones have eventually found their feet back on the grounds and are now jumping and shouting again J

I hope you have been enjoying this blog as much as I have sharing some of my thoughts with you; I look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions.

Good health to you all

Tina Rychlik

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