Checklist for the Arrival of Your Baby

February 21, 2008

This is a list of essentials for a new baby. Depending on your individual circumstances, you might find that you need more or less of certain items.



6 bodies (short or long sleeved, depending on the season)

4 T-Shirts (short or long sleeved, depending on the season)

2 hats (lightweight cotton for summer; warm material for winter)

3 complete outfits

4 pairs of socks

2 matinee coats

outdoor clothing (hooded jacket for summer; warm padded snowsuit for winter – try to find one which opens up wide as its much easier to get baby in and out)

2 stretchy blankets for swaddling (also useful when feeding)

For the Nursery

Suitable cot/crib with approved safety mattress

3 sheets

2 blankets

Sleeping bag (for winter use)

2 hooded towels

Wash cloths/baby sponge

Baby bath

Digital thermometer

Soft hair brush

Nappy cream

Nappy bucket

Nappy sterilizer

Nappies for newborns (a supply of disposable nappies is helpful during the first days at home even if you are going to use traditional nappies)

Changing mat

Baby listening monitor

Lambskin inlay for cold days

Breast Feeding

Breast pads (either disposable or reusable)

Curved feeding pillow

2 bottles

Bottle brush

Bottle Feeding

Curved feeding pillow

6 bottles

Bottle brush



Car seat (always go to a reputable store that will advise you on the best seat for your car and show you how to fit it properly)

Buggy with rain cover, shopping tray, foot cover, parasol

It’s a good idea to try a buggy first to make sure you like it and your baby is happy in it – so borrow one for a week or two if you can – it can save you from making an expensive mistake.

Baby sling – again, see if you can borrow one first, to make sure you like it.

What Else?

You will also need a good supply of food. The last thing on you mind will be shopping. Dads will not want to be bothered as he will want to spend time with his family. Certainly, you need a supply of fresh milk, bread, fruit and vegetables. Why don’t you try out one of the organic home box schemes? Try (Please copy this link into your browser) for an overview. They can deliver to your door vegetables, fruit, milk and other fresh produce. If you have a freezer, stock up with yummy home made meals before baby arrives. This will save you time and effort.

For more information about best to prepare for the new arrival visit

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