10 Best Baby Gifts

February 5, 2008

first_baby_gift.jpgBaby showers before baby’s arrival and even after are more popular than ever! It is a fantastic way of celebrating the arrival of a new life and most importantly, of getting some practical help from friends and family. It pays to do a bit of research in order to find the right gift for the baby. Here are 10 tips on what to look out for this season and what kind of gift is proven to be both very practical and parent’s favourite!

Pre Baby Shower:

1. If it is the couple’s first baby, make sure that you get something practical, such as What to Expect – the first year by Heidi Murkoff etc.

2. If you want to buy clothes, always make sure to get them in a bigger size. Newborns grow extremely quickly and new parents will appreciate not having to go shopping for a new wardrobe for their baby every two months. Please make sure that the clothes are adequate for the upcoming seasons.

3. New parents love vouchers. Consider a voucher for a family photographer. What a great way to celebrate the new arrival!

4. A baby hammock is very unusual but extremely useful: when baby is unsettled this will be a very effective way to soothe and relax him. It is also proven to be effective with baby colic.

5. A quality organic baby blanket, such as a lightweight swaddling blanket or nursery blanket, is very useful and always much appreciated.

6. A baby sling will make parent’s life much easier! They come in different designs and each parent has a different preference. The best way is to buy vouchers for a sling hire company so the parents can try out what will be best for them. No doubt, this present will be a great success!

7. Create baby’s own blog so parents can keep everybody up to date with baby’s development and their family life.

8. Your much-loved baby books are a good way to share your personal favourites.

Post Baby Shower:

If the couple has a shower list, you can get a gift from the list and embroider or print on a personal message or, if known, the baby’s name.

2. Very unusual but what a great help! A box with thank-you notes and computer printed labels with names and addresses of all guests for the parents. This is a fantastic idea for new busy parents who would have very little time, thus a lot of stress to do this.

Visit http://www.babysbest.co.uk for more gift ideas and useful tips!


One Response to “10 Best Baby Gifts”

  1. Considering the fact that baby car seats are now compulsory (atleast here in the UK), I think buying one of these is a very useful and practical gift as well. Nice list though.

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