All you need to know about baby pouch slings

February 4, 2008


Baby slings are becoming increasingly fashionable. Only a few years ago it was a rare sight to see parents “wearing” their baby. Luckily, this has changed and parents now regard slings as the ultimate solution to being close to their newborn, yet free to move.

The design of the pouch sling is very traditional and was used in many ancient cultures around the world. Even in Western society babies were carried everywhere before the invention of the pram in the mid 19th century. Today 75% of the worldwide population still carries their offspring and they are right! Research has shown that carrying offers more input than being pushed, and being close to the parent is one of the best ways to develop baby’s confidence. In addition, having baby close at all times helps the bonding process, especially when breastfeeding.

Among the many slings available on the market, the baby pouch sling is the easiest to use. The simple, yet effective design of this sling allows the wearer to put it on and off quickly, without tying knots or adjusting rings. By using the sling correctly, baby’s weight is distributed evenly across the shoulder and the back. The baby can be carried in various positions, depending on how the parent feels most comfortable and, most importantly, baby’s mood. Very young babies can be “worn” in the cradle position which best imitates the position in the womb. The tummy-to-tummy position is equally popular. Growing babies are happy in the hip or the kangaroo carry position on the back as it allows them to see more.

In addition, the baby pouch sling is extremely versatile: it is a great helper when breastfeeding as it covers baby and mother discreetly. It also doubles as a baby blanket or stroller cover and folds up easily when not in use.

The pouch sling comes in various sizes and stylish fabrics which means that they can be worn equally well by mother and father.

As one mum commented: “My baby really loves the sling and seems very comfy and happy in it. If she is crying and seems unsettled I can pop her in it and she stops crying, I think she feels very comforted by the fact she can be very close to me when she is in it.”

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2 Responses to “All you need to know about baby pouch slings”

  1. Stephen Says:

    I liked the baby pouch slings it’s really comfortable for both babies and parents.

  2. The article is excellent.Thank. I just have to copy it 🙂

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