Baby recipes & meal ideas

January 21, 2008

feeding_baby_1.jpgAfter you have introduced baby rice successfully, you can add a peeled and boiled carrot and mash a little into the baby rice. This way you introduce the new taste of carrot very gently.

Apply the same method with a baked or stewed apple, or other raw fruits such as banana or pear.

Once your baby gets used to a “vegetable only” or a “fruit only” diet you can introduce vegetable and fruit combinations such as:

Butternut squash and sweet potato

Carrot and potato

Broccoli and potato

Peas and sweet potato

Lentils, carrot and potato

Apple and carrot

Apple and pear

Peach and banana

Apple and plum

This list surely shows that keeping it simple is the best start! The amount and varieties will change according to your baby’s appetite. After some time, you will be able to take a portion out of your family’s dinner for your baby (before adding salt or stock!) and blend it.

If you struggle to find time to prepare home-made food for your little one, you can prepare his meals in advance and freeze the portions.

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