What are playpens actually good for?

January 7, 2008

One could say: for nothing! In fact, playpens can be quite expensive and the biggest problem with them is that they take up too much space. Some parents may even be tempted to use it as their constant babysitter in order to keep the house tidy. Another of those playpen horror stories includes a hyperactive little toddler who liked to rock it over in order to get out. However, playpens are much more popular on the Continent. So, without using it to look after your child on a 24/7 basis, what are the good points of having a playpen?

Firstly, parents want their exploring babies to be safe when they have to answer the door or take out the bin. They can happily sit in the playpen and, as the name suggests, play with their toys or cuddle with the bears. Parents feel much more at ease and know that their baby is fine for the time being. After a long day of playing, crawling, exploring and doing mischief, a playpen is great to chuck all these little gadgets in and to make sense of the living space.

Another important aspect of having a playpen includes having more than just one child: parents who have twins or older siblings can recollect how it helped keeping siblings separated if needed. Older children can happily play with small toys, such as Lego or similar, while the curious baby can play with his own rattles.

As most parents will be eager to tell, toddlers and young children love playpens too! They can have their quite time in there, play magic house, use it as a ball pool or for magic ice skating. The possibilities are endless! They use it as their little den which is far more exciting than the sofa. When toddlers come into “This is mine” phase, they are too eager to cuddle up in the playpen and re-claim their toys.

Some playpens can also be opened up and used as room dividers or to keep little hands away from fire.

Nowadays, there is a comprehensive range of playpens available to buy: there are wooden ones, metal playpens, big ones and small ones, folding playpens (www.babysbest.co.uk) for travelling, playpens that open up and those that come in different shapes.

If used correctly, playpens can be a valuable addition to the household and even if some parents find them expensive, playpens can always be sold again!

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