I worry about my wriggling baby when co-sleeping

January 4, 2008

Co-sleeping is ideal for both baby and parents but what should you do if your baby starts wriggling and moves more than before? There is always the fear that she might get lost under the thick blanket. There are several things you can do to make the baby’s and your night less worrying:

You can put your baby in a sleeping bag or with her own duvet on top of your duvet. That way you avoid her slipping down the duvet or under the pillow.

Each person/baby should have their own blanket so they can regulate their body temperature easier.

It is a very good idea to remove one side of the cot and to lower the mattress to the same height as the adult bed. Your baby can sleep in his own cot without the fear of overheating, rolling over her or suffocation.

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