My lo (11months) hates to brush his teeth!

December 15, 2007

This is a tricky one and requires trial and error more than anything. At this age babies nearing toddler age do not understand why they have to brush their teeth!

Rule number one: don’t be stressed and try to relax. If you are stressed about brushing his teeth he will pick it up quickly and be less co-operative. Unless he eats a massive amount of sugary food, not brushing his teeth is no reason to get stressed out about. What really matters at this age is to establish a routine rather than forcing him to do something that he does not understand in the first place.

A good tip is to sing a “special tooth song” in order to give a little extra encouragement. Singing songs is also very entertaining and may distract from the actual problem.

Let him play with the toothbrush and maybe even let him brush your teeth. He is eager to see your reaction!

Whatever your method, I would always recommend natural toothpaste which you can purchase from every natural food store. They are least harmful when your baby swallows it and have a more natural taste.


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