Fathers are pregnant too!

December 11, 2007

While mothers go through a tough nine months of pregnancy, fathers can often do no more than give a massage or cook a meal. Yet, research has revealed that men can experience hormonal changes during their partner’s pregnancy which can make them feel unwell. A cross-cultural study showed that 22.5% of male partners reported at least one unexplainable ailment to their doctor during the gestation period. The expectant father also visited the doctor twice as often, and filled twice as many prescriptions than before.

After a baby is born, fathers usually mirror the same kind of feelings as mothers when first holding their offspring, this mirroring is extended to the fact that fathers can also be equally sensitive to the baby’s cries.

The fact that fathers can experience such strong feelings for the unborn child is easily explained: Humans are amongst the few species whose offspring are totally reliant until well into a juvenile age. To share the load of this long dependence nature has provided the means for both parents to have an equally strong in order to assure the parental commitment in the upbringing of the child.

With this in mind, we should try to understand how both mother and father are equipped to equally bond and care for their baby.

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