Active Baby Bonding 0-3 months

November 12, 2007

The first three years of a child’s life are the most important within its social development and it is our job to ensure that that they get the best start in life possible. One of the key elements to this is spending time with the little ones bonding in order to build their self esteem and confidence. Recent studies show that a baby needs at least one person in whom he can absolutely trust in order to thrive.

The first three months babies begin a lifetime of growing and learning, starting with the tentative lifting of the head and making new sounds.

During this time when baby is so small and delicate there are a number of activities you can build in to your routines in order to engage your baby and begin active bonding.

Ø = Try lying baby on his belly and stroke down from the back of his head to his bottom. This should encourage baby to hold his head up a little longer.

Ø = Take a ball (approx 10 – 13 ins in diameter) with a string attached to it and hold it over baby’s feet (not over his head as you don’t want to frighten him). Baby should start to kick the ball; when he sees the movement it should encourage him to kick a little more.

For more ideas to help with your bonding process with your baby through all stages of development please visit

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